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Proving Ground


In order to develop motor vehicles with high running performance, it is imperative to conduct vehicle running tests on road-holding ability, acceleration, vibration resistance, braking, aerodynamic performances. JARI has a wide variety of special-purpose vehicle test courses and a world-class high-speed oval track measuring an impressive 5,500 meters long per lap.

Most of JARI's test courses, including the high-speed oval track, were moved from their former locations in Tsukuba City to its Shirosato Test Center (STC) which was built as the comprehensive proving ground complex of JARI in 2005.

Features of JARI's test courses

  • Suited for large-scale testing (high speed running, vast tracks, long straight lanes)
  • High-quality standard-compliant road surface (flat, μ value, ISO lanes)
  • Surface specifications and course designs with a high degree of freedom and user-friendliness
    (A wide-variety of road surfaces, rental equipment, share areas)
  • Enclosed, independent test courses at hidden locations
  • Serene and rich natural environment suited for filming and other activities
  • High-caliber testing and maintenance equipment (weather conditioning equipment, maintenance shops, machines, tools)
  • Amenity facilities tailored for gatherings and events (conference hall, lodging rooms, cafeteria, plazas)
    ⇒ The nighttime or extra longtime use of our test course facilities is possible on an optional basis.